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Let your body speak

Bodywork to live life fully

Are you ready to step into the centre of your own life?
Are you willing to meet yourself authentically and truthfully?
Are you longing for a deeper connection to yourself and others?

Inhere Bodywork offers a space where you may explore. Where you may fall and rise. I offer support, like warms hands in your back, on your life’s journey.

Bodywork is not a quick-fix. In sessions we will look at the light and the dark, the hidden and the revealed.

Bodywork guides you to open up, and let the frozen parts in you move again.

This is a life-time gift to yourself.


Your life’s path is yours. And you don’t need to walk alone.

Let’s walk together.

With love, 

"I feel expanded, stronger, more confident

and I feel more space to allow

what is moving through." Eva

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This mini course supports you to take three simple steps to more aliveness, grounding and vitality.

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In this Online Intensive - Opening to Essence you are going to explore how you can create your life in a way that feels in resonance with your heart. You are going to learn how to connect to a more truthful place inside yourself and let inspiration be the foundation for your every day. This Intensive is online and contains 6 groupsessions, 1 1-1 session, a diversity of guided practices and more.

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Six weeks of intensive diving within yourself. Bodywork leads the way to embody your energy, welcome your feelings and expand yourself into this world.

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This practice for Presence is a 10 minute audio guided practice to ground yourself in your body and feel more alive within yourself.

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Do you spend a lot of time in your head? Do you experience tension? Do you long for more pleasure, energy and clarity in your life?

Bodywork can help you understand how you keep yourself from living freely and relaxed. In a session we'll explore together what blocks you and come to understand what is your way into movement and flow. 

Bodywork helps you ground in life, feel more comfortable in your skin, 

find connection to your life energy, brings out your 'yes'.

I offer online bodywork, 1-1 online and live sessions and live retreats in the Netherlands.


Thanks to my body-oriented coaching sessions with Aranka, I am daring to ask myself important questions to which the answers are sometimes uncomfortable yet crucial to grow into my full potential. Aranka sets a safe environment in which we discover these questions and answers together, while always feeling welcome and supported. I am learning how to feel more 'awake', how to better recognize what feels authentic to me and how to be in line with my own emotions. Altogether, working with Aranka is the greatest present I ever allowed myself. - Anne-Sophie

When I first met Aranka, I did not have any confidence in my abilities to feel. I did not know how to recognize my own feelings, and everything I had done before (psychological help, psychosomatic physiotherapy, medication) only contributed to the experience of my feelings as a language I failed to understand. I was quite desperate to feel better, when Aranka offered guidance. She invited me to hold space for myself, to make sense of experience by listening to my body, instead of just my mind. I still deal with a lot of resistance and fear in this process, yet our work together causes a great internal shift for me: instead of perceiving feeling only as something rather unpleasant, I am now curious and excited to know myself wholly and authentically. I am amazed, that this is done primarily by breathing and moving. Aranka makes a difference because she listens to what I think, and helps me discover how that relates to what I feel. My sessions with Aranka offer me space for safety and understanding, and faith in my abilities to create peace of mind. - Lara

Aranka de Vries

"It is my wish for you to feel connected to your body, heart and mind - to deepen the understanding of your own aliveness. Guiding you on this path makes me passionate, enthusiastic and humble. My work in massage and body-coaching is based on a deep trust in our inner wisdom and our innate capacity of self-regeneration. I offer my dedication, my knowledge, my experience and my love."

With a background as a contemporary dancer, I combine my knowledge of the moving body, with experience in traditional massage- & myofascial massage techniques. I use breathwork, bio-energetic tools, emotional bodywork, authentic movement, all with a foundation of a deeply rooted practice in bodywork and meditation.

I am an in-training body psychotherapist (Core-Energetics).

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I love to write. It is one of my ways to contribute to a more inspired world.

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