Aranka de Vries

As a young girl, I was creative and dreamy. Authentic and curious. I had one big dream: becoming a ballet dancer. I have vivid memories of floating through the air, feeling vrij and glorious. I also remember coming down, down to earth. This is my personal theme: How do I bring my experience of light and being more that 'I', to this earth?

I have always seen the good in people, and also hid away from pain and suffering. Now I have a clear intention:
Acknowledging the dark, so that love may live. I want to warp my love around all my dark parts, so they feel alive again.

This is what I bring to you. I my work, I am available and invite to bring consciousness to the unconscious. The bring life to what is frozen. There is nothing, that needs to stay in the shadow.

"It is my wish for you to feel connected to your body, heart and mind - to deepen the understanding of your own aliveness. Guiding you on this path makes me passionate, enthusiastic and humble. My work in massage and body-coaching is based on a deep trust in our inner wisdom and our innate capacity of self-regeneration. I offer my dedication, my knowledge, my experience and my love."

With a background as a contemporary dancer, I combine my knowledge of the moving body, with experience in traditional massage- & myofascial massage techniques. I use breathwork, bio-energetic tools, emotional bodywork, authentic movement, all with a foundation of a deeply rooted practice in hatha yoga and meditation.

I am an in-training body psychotherapist (Core-Energetics).

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