Let your body speak


Your body shows what is alive in you. Your cheeks turn red when you feel shame, your stomach hurts when you're nervous. Your breath stops when you startle.

As a mature human being you can do something no other animal can: block your impulses. From being a child on, you have learned to block or re-direct your natural movement. You do that so well, that over the years you might even forget what that natural moment is.
Being young, this is a wonderful quality, as it enables you to adapt to your environment and thus survive. But growing up, it can limit you in many ways. You might feel stuck, or stressed. You might have difficulties feeling into the direction you want to go in, or to feeling your boundaries. Maybe you feel empty or have thoughts like: "there must be more to life?".


Bodywork helps you to find your authentic movement back, your direction in life. 
Movement, breath, exercises, constellation, touch, expression and more, help you to release what you have kept tight for a long time. Doing so, you'll start living again, you'll get in touch with your inner guidance. Then you can ground in your strength and authentic qualities.

You'll find the way that is right for you: your rhythm, your pace.
You'll feel: this is my life.

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